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Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Whether you are upgrading your old door with an energy-efficient model, or you are picking a door for your new home, your decision will impact the overall value of your home. The right entry door can boost your curb appeal, elevate your energy efficiency, and determine how guests perceive your style.

To choose the right door for your home, there are a few considerations you need to make. Here are four of them:

  • Budget – Not all doors are alike. Some are more expensive than others, depending on the design and the materials. It's essential to set a realistic budget before you start shopping. Key factors that determine price include the lifespan of the door, its energy-efficiency, its features, and the level of maintenance required.
  • Material – The primary construction materials make a big difference in cost, ranging from lower-priced vinyl and fiberglass to more expensive options like wood and steel. Wood and steel offer greater durability while fiberglass is considered a cost-effective, attractive, versatile alternative.
  • Design – The design of your door should complement the rest of your home to have a finished, cohesive look. In addition to matching the rest of your home, you can accessorize your door with unique features like glass panels, custom colors, unique hardware, and other decorative elements.
  • Size – The standard size for an exterior door is 80 x 36 x 2. You will have to pay extra for an oversized door.

When picking the right entry door for your home, these are among the primary factors to consider. For homeowners in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, the company that can help you select and install your dream door is Adams Home Exteriors. Aside from having a wide selection of entry doors that we can help you choose from, we can also help you with your replacement windows, siding options, and roofing replacements. To get the help you need from us, you can contact us at 804-203-0409 to schedule an assessment and estimate.