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Garden Window Installation in Greater Richmond, VA

Garden Window Installation in Richmond, VA

Garden windows offer a unique way to view the outdoors and bring natural light into your home. Since garden windows are designed to protrude the exterior of your property, it adds shelf space inside your home. What’s more, they come in various designs so it is easy to find a garden window that complement’s your home's aesthetic.

To get the most out of new or replacement garden windows, you need to look for windows that are manufactured by a trusted brand. That’s why Adams Home Exteriors provides excellent Kensington High-Performance Products (HPP) garden window installations for properties in Greater Midlothian and Richmond, VA areas.

Kensington HPP Garden Windows

The garden windows in Kensington HPP’s Williamsport line seamlessly combine form with function. They can be designed with multiple windows that come in a variety of finishes and angles while offering an impeccable viewing point from inside your property. The garden windows also feature casement style side vents and angle glass skylight, making them perfect for plant lovers.

The Williamsport garden windows also have a way of making any room look bigger and brighter. Their wide dimensions and simple styles allow them to bring in more natural light and have distinct features such as:

  • Provides maximum ventilation due to the side casement hinged on the outboard jamb
  • Superior quality and aesthetics thanks to premium-grade cabinetmaker quality oak and birch materials
  • Available in styles that perfectly fit kitchens and breakfast nooks

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Garden Window Installation in Richmond, Glen Allen & Hopewell, VA

Additional Options and Window Upgrades

  • Glass options include high-performance Low-E and v-groove, and various grid designs.
  • Highly recommended insulation board with an "R" value of 5 can be installed under the seat board to increase the "R" value to 6.22. This 1-inch thick lightweight rigid material is 100 percent waterproof. Note: Insulation board is required for all painted units.
  • One or more adjustable glass shelves with polished edges, brackets, and standards. Depending upon the width of the unit, the glass thickness will be either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch.

If you're interested in replacing or installing new garden windows in your home in Greater Richmond, VA areas, contact Adams Homes Exteriors at 804-203-0409 for a free estimate.

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