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High Quality Kensington Home Performance Products Window Lines Installed by Adams Home Exteriors

High Quality Kensington Home Performance Products Window Lines Installed by Adams Home Exteriors

The windows in your home may look like typical components for your property, but they’re designed to do more than just make your building look pretty. Windows are beautifully crafted pieces that connect you with the rest of the world and allow you to view the incredible scenery of the outdoors safely. The glass panes protect you from intense sunlight and rain, as well as insulate your property. Some window types even add shelf space or give the illusion that your surroundings are larger than they really are.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a bright and refreshing space that only windows can provide. However, to achieve that kind of atmosphere the windows have to be installed correctly.

Contact Adams Home Exteriors if you’re looking for high-quality windows and professional window contractors in Richmond, Glen Allen, and Hopewell, VA. For over 20 years, we’ve treated our clients like family and have taken care of their homes like they were our own. We know that good windows create great indoor atmospheres, so we only provide our customers with the best products and customer care.

Our company is a proud distributor of Kensington High Performance Products (HPP) windows. Kensington HPP’s custom vinyl replacement windows are known for their craftsmanship, durability, and energy insulation. With Kensington HPP windows affixed in your property, your indoor space will open up and your home’s curb appeal will increase as well.

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Kensington HPP Window Lines we Offer

Window Lines

Kensington HPP has several products to improve your property. When it comes to windows, they’ve developed four window series that address the needs of homes of different styles and sizes. Kensington HPP’s four window series is known as:

The window series come in various window styles, colors, and designs so you can find the perfect windows that will match your home’s architecture. Contact Adams Home Exteriors at 804-203-0409 today and get a free estimate for your window replacement or new window installation.

Adams Home Exteriors Professional Window Installation

When we install windows, we make it a point to place them perfectly on your property. We pride ourselves in our work and don’t take any job halfheartedly. We want you to feel the benefits that your windows provide, and that begins with properly installed windows. Professional window installation also prevents premature window damage. With Adams Home Exteriors handling your windows, you can expect that the windows will stay intact for a long period of time.